Fun Magic

At some point of time most people experience that they have to find the perfect entertainment match for their private party or cooperate event.
The event has to fit the need for high quality and make sure that you laugh and get surprised together.
Magician Morten Deurell has got more than 15 years of professional experience in magic entertainment He is also an educated actor.
Morten Deurell listens to your needs. The audience is in center.
With Mortens magic you’re adding a valuable ingredient to your special occation. Wether it’s a confirmation, reception, Christmas party, summer party, birthday or wedding.

Stand-up Magic – boosting the humour of the party.
Close-up Magic – a magical atmosphere.

Advantages of magic entertainment?

  • Magic is for everyone
    Whatever age, gender, cultural background etc. – everyone gets something out of magic.
  • Magic is interactive
    The audience is always involved in the show – you don’t ever have to “just look”. It gives the entertainment a great social value.
  • Magic creates common memories
    When you laugh together, experience magic right in front of your eyes or in your hands, it’s a very strong experience – a memory for the rest of your lives.
  • Illusions can be an ice-breaker
    When the magician has just been at the party, the chat is kickstarted. How did he do it? Didn’t you feel that card change in your hand? I also know a trick – do you wanna see? If the chit chat hasn’t started before the magic, it most definitely will afterwards.