A fantastic party entertainment

Guaranteed magic atmosphere and surprises for your christmas party, confirmation, birthday party and many other events.

Everyone is included in the energetic stand-up magic show.

Present comedy magic for up to 500 party attendees. If everyone is gathered in the same room, Morten takes care of the rest. Can be performed in either Danish or English.

What to know about Stand-up Magic:

Stand-up magic is the magic equivalent of stand-up comedy.

Stand-up magic is mostly for teens and adults, but good stand-up magicians can also vary their show to be suitable for children.

Stand-up magic is contemporary magic. Now the magician can dress as they please, tell jokes, create situational comedy, involve the audience, use everyday objects as props, and be “themselves” on stage. This type of magic is typically much more “down to earth” and often contains a self-ironic distance to the classic image of a magician with white gloves and a top hat.

Practical info about the show:

  • Can take place almost anywhere – also in private settings.
  • There must be “stage space” – minimum 1.5m (depth) x 3m(width).
  • Clear view for everyone (Audience must sit in front of the “stage”).
  • No disturbing elements (noise, etc.).
  • Enough light for the spectators to see what is happening.
  • The show can be performed in both Danish and English.
  • Up to 70 guests (requires very little equipment).
  • From 70 – 350 guests (requires PA system).
  • From 350 – 800 guests (requires PA system and possibly live video projector).