Stand-up magic

Entertainment guaranteed for magic and surprises at your party.

Everyone is included in the energetic stand-up magic show.

Present situation comedy for up to 800 people.
Can be performed in English or Danish.

Worth knowing about Stand-up magic:

Stand-up magic is the magic version of Stand-up comedy.

Stand-up magic is mainly for young people and adults, but good
stand-up magicians can also adjust their shows to suite children.

Stand-up magic is modern magic. The magician can dress as he
pleases, tell jokes and do situation comedy, involve the audience
, make use of everyday objects as props and be “him self” on stage.
This type of magic is typically more casual and usually has a self
ironic distance to the classic image of a magician with white gloves
and a top-hat.

Practical info about the show:

  • Can be done almost anywhere – also at private events.
  • Can be performed in English or Danish.
  • There has to be a “stagearea” – minimum 1,5m/5 feet(depth) x 3m/10 feet(width).
  • There must be good view for the entire audience (Seated in front of the stage).
  • There must be no disturbing elements (noise etc.)
  • There must be light enough for everyone to see.
  • up to 70 people (no technical requirements).
  • 70 – 350 people (PA required).
  • 350 – 800 people (PA and live video-projection required).